Unlike most teaching professionals, Chris has a great way of communicating his ideas and recommendations. He has a high level of understanding the technique of the golf swing but also does a great job of simplifying the complexities. As somebody who loves to play golf but hates to practice, Chris gives you advice that you can actually play with and see results rather quickly. After taking a lesson with Chris, you don’t need to take 3 steps backward to go one step forward. Post lesson, his follow up and involvement is fantastic. I can truly say he has helped me understand the golf swing as well as what I am trying to accomplish as a student.Mike Schwenk
I have known Chris Crenshaw for approximately 3 years. He is the Head Golf Professional at St George’s Golf and Country Club in Setauket NY. Upon meeting Chris I found him to be friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional. About a year after meeting Chris I began taking golf lessons with him to improve the quality of my game. Initially I was slightly apprehensive because I had never taken lessons and was uncomfortable with the prospect of changing old habits that although were not conducive to a lower handicap, had become comfortable over the years and hard to change.

When I began taking lessons with Chris, I found his teaching approach to be extremely impressive and easy to follow. Chris was able to help me understand how to improve my overall game. From the initial lesson, Chris saw where my weaknesses were and taught me how to improve them to help me be more competitive in this game I love.

One thing that impresses me most is Chris’ ability to explain the changes that need to be made in a multitude of ways. If he feels that one explanation is not working, he will alter his language to bring greater clarity to what he’s trying to teach. He is a true TEACHER in every sense of the word. He has patience, a skillful knowledge, and even a sense of humor when necessary.

From the moment I began lessons with Chris my golf game has improved significantly. All aspects of my game are better than they were before my lessons. I enjoy the game more and understand what it takes to improve. I thank Chris continually for helping me lower my handicap and even winning two club championships. There is no doubt in my mind that without Chris’ continued support and tutelage I would not enjoy the competition that comes along with the game as much as I now do.
Linda Fasullo